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The Plastic Surgery of Nose - Rhinoplasty

The present day is the day of a makeover, be it in India or the rest of the world. The changing lifestyles and modernization have prompted the present generation to understand the benefits of a makeover with cosmetic body procedures. Of the Cosmetic body procedures Rhinoplasty or otherwise known as nose job is the most popular and sought after Cosmetic surgery procedure in India.

Cosmetic surgeries such as Rhinoplasty can change one's personality and boost up one's confidence and performance.


Rhinoplasty otherwise called nose surgery or nose job in India is the most popular plastic surgery procedure. It is a procedure that reshapes and redrapes the nose in order to get a more symmetric proportionate and vibrant facial appearance and for functional purposes. Rhinoplasty(Nose reshaping) can reshape and re-drape the nose in a number of ways. A bulky nose can be made smaller and a small nose can be made bigger. The tip of the nose can be moulded to the desired shape that is necessary by sculpting the cartilages and re-draping the skin. The demand for cosmetic procedures such as rhinoplasty in India is on the rise and more and more young individuals come seeking for rhinoplasty.

Broadly, there are three techniques of Rhinoplasty surgery. The first one is the open technique and the second one the closed technique. The third technique is the Delivery technique. If the open technique is used most of the incisions remain inside the nose.

One incision made across the Columella. The skin envelope over the Cartilage framework of the nose is lifted to allow the cartilage structure of the nose to be seen. The framework can be seen in its natural state and then the surgeon can make surgical changes to create a more aesthetically pleasing nose. When the closed technique is used the incisions are made inside the nose. Then cartilage is pulled out from the nose and shaped. In the delivery technique, the cartilages are dissected out completely without transecting the columella and delivered out so that they can be sculpted by the surgeon under direct vision to achieve the desired shape.

The closed procedure is less time consuming as compared to the open procedure, But the open procedure provides better access for sculpting the cartilages and the nasal skeletal framework.

The deviated nose: Following trauma to the nose there can be a distortion of the nasal bones and the nasal septum. This may lead to difficulty in breathing and also give rise to a deviated nose(crooked nose). Based on the Rhinoplasty cases handled by us so far, a considerable number of people in India seem to be opting for the procedure. This can be corrected by means of a septorhinoplasty where in the deviated septum is corrected by removing the abnormal parts of the septum and osteotomies of the nasal bone to correct the bony deviation. The removed parts of the septum can be recycled and made use of to
correct the contour deformities of the nose.

Treatment protocol for Rhinoplasty

Hospital stay: 1 to 2 Days

First follow up: 5th post op day

Second follow up : 8 to 10th day

Precautions: To avoid Exertion,Gym,Sports for 6weeks after the procedure

Results: Can be appretiated only after 6 weeks to 6months

Before & After

Here are some of the examples of the patients before and after their respective surgeries


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