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Gynecomastia Surgery cost

Gynecomastia Surgery (Male Breast Reduction)

Why and How?

Are you confused or panicked about any changes in your breast size? Enlarged breasts or Gynecomastia in men is an increasingly common hormonal disorder, these days. It generally starts off at adolescence but may occur at a later stage also. There are a number of wide-spread misconceptions and lack of awareness among public about Gynecomastia. The good news is that there are a few effective solutions to permanently resolve this disorder. One of the most common hormonal disorder, Gynecomastia is an enlargement of breast tissues in men. Though benign in nature, it can be painful at times and often results in public embarrassment. Men suffering from Gynecomastia largely resort to staying away from social activities and are highly self-conscious about their looks in public, as well. This has a huge negative influence on their everyday work-life cycle. For instance, most sports activities and religious rituals in India require men to remove their shirts in a public gathering. And, enlarged breasts make men look more feminine, creating major psychological and social trauma to men with Gynecomastia.

What is the treatment for Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction)?

Men suffering from the enlarged breasts disorder can return back to lead a happy, normal life. Male breast reduction is the most-sought after the solution that also has a higher rate of success in practice. Especially, Male breast reduction surgery in Bangalore, India has reached technological advancement coupled with skilled medical professionals having years of experience. Enlargement of the breasts in the male can be due to physiological and pathological reasons and it may also require endocrinology evaluation to assess the hormonal status before embarking upon the surgery

What are the procedures included ?


Now, what is Gynecomastia Surgery procedure? Technically, it involves suctioning that is then followed by gland excision. Well, the procedure would result in a minor incision mark under the arm pit area which is hardly noticeable at all. Still, that is majorly outweighed by the positive outcomes of the surgery. It gives notable results to your overall appearance, on the whole.

The surgery helps remove excess Tissue in the breast area, greatly reducing the amount of breast tissue which gives a perfect shape to the chest. Post-surgery, it’s ideally necessary to wear pressure garments for a period of four to six weeks. To start with, consult with our certified medical professional to better understand the scope of treatment and recovery process.

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The patient can go back to work within 4-5 days. More exhausting activities can start again after 2 to 3 weeks. Most of the swelling and marks will fade away after 3 to 6 months. Pressure garment as well as good massage will be mandatory for early recovery and healthier result. There is no connection between age and this disorder as cases may be different from person to person. In case of new born this procedure is not necessary as it disappears within few months or days. On other hand most of the youngsters are facing this disorder due to hormonal imbalance. This surgery can be performed on any age group but before that you need to do diagnosis of tissues of problematic part.

Treatment protocol for Gynecomastia

Hospital stay: 1 day

First follow up: 5th post op day

Second follow up : 12th day

Precautions: To avoid Exertion,Gym,Sports for 6weeks after the procedure.

Pressure garment: This a tight stretchable garment(Corset) which needs to be worn for 8 weeks in order to contour the operated area.

Results: Can be appretiated only after 6 weeks to 6months

Before & After

Here are some of the examples of the patients before and after their respective surgeries


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